Yosokan Dojo

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Let your eyes be as precise as your cut, inturn, your cut will be precise as your eyes…

Replace the word “cut” with the word “technique” and you have sound jujutsu.

- James G. Campbell, Kaiden Shihan

Ivo Belmans, Sensei

The banner to the right translates to: School of Understanding the Heart of KoKoDo Jujutsu. KoKoDo means: The Light of the Emperial Way The KoKoDo Kyu Shin Ryu Kai, World Organization was founded by Kaiden Shihan Ivo Belmans, Kaiden Shihan Erik Melotte and Kaiden Shihan Etienne Beynaerts of Belgium in March of 2005. Being granted direct permission to do so by Irie Yasuhiro, Soke. The three basic values of the KoKoDo Kyu Shin Ryu Kai are: KoKoDo Kyu Shin Ryu Kai values: Friendship, Harmony, Respect

The Founders of KoKoDo Kyu Shin Ryu Kai, World Organization

KoKoDo Kyu Shin Ryu founders

From left to right:
Kaiden Shihan Etienne Beynaerts
Kaiden Shihan Ivo Belmans
Kaiden Shihan Erik Melotte